Enterprising Universities
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The ‘Leading, Governing and Managing Enterprising Universities’ project receives much attention from the media and press. To read the project’s media coverage, click on the links below.

Guardian – the Leading, Governing and Managing Enterprising Universities project launches a new website that hosts a unique institutional profiling tool.


Guardian - Colleagues at Plymouth University argue that the marketised nature of the sector means that institutions will need to differentiate themselves by focusing on what makes them distinctive.


Guardian - Plymouth University continues to inform the higher education sector amidst changes in the tuition fees structure.


Guardian - Colleagues at Plymouth University warn that the U-Multirank ranking system lacks flexibility and will not reflect institutions' missions.


THE - Who will take the biggest bite? Plymouth University predicts competition in the higher education sector will 'turn the ocean bloody'.


Plymouth University - Plymouth University to lead ground-breaking Higher Education business engagement project.


THE - UK higher education mission groups set to dissolve in the red ocean.


Plymouth University - Research by Plymouth University shows that a number of universities are focusing on particular niche areas of activity within the higher education sector.


THE - Fee market selection: find a niche or go extinct.